TeCar :Smarter Driving Era Coming!

  TeCar :Smarter Driving Era Coming!


With the advance of technology,everything become smarter and smarter.The car you drive and the vehicle around it ,have some of the most powerful technology inside them.The question is ,how can we unlock the potential and make your ar smarter?TECAR,makes your vehicle safier and smarter by giving a sence itselft to your car.

TECAR provides wide range of products to give your car a holistic solution.Our solutions capture and process vehicle dates,to idetify vehicle’s health.

TECAR keeps you updating all the time with or without the Internet to give your trip safe.No matter you are a car owner or a team manager,TECAR solution fulfil all your need.

Let’s talk about how TECAR works.

TECAR OBD system.

Your car sensors are making car’s health dates all the time.TECAR OBD system connect to these sensors and gather the dates in real time,and send these dates to TECAR headunits application and mobile using Bluetooth .


Tire,being most important part of car health,TECAR Tire pressure moniter system collects tire’s temperature and pressure,and send it to the TECAR headunit application.Beore you start the trip,TECAR TPMS will warn you about your tires ‘ health.

TECAR headunits application.

TECAR headunits application is the brain of your car.Before starting your trip, it performs car’s health test so that you are safe on your road.Along with safity, it offer a lot ,music,video and navigation.It meet every need when you are on your road.

TEAR Moblie applications.

Like headunits,TECAR mobile applications as the brain of your car,but in your pocket.These easily use APP gets your car’s healty report, your trip detail,maintance recorder and track your car in real time.


TECAR Cloud.

To keep you and your car connecting, TECAR brings you the TECAR Cloud.All of the dates collected is saved on the cloud,to bring you insides about your car’s health and performance at no cost.


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